Walker’s Tree Service has been serving your local area for over 50 years and our quality services can handle any tree need that may come your way.

Walker's Tree Service has been in business in the Los Angeles area since 1965.  Eddie took over the business from his Dad and we are still family owned and operated.  The fact that Eddie enjoys his work is a plus because he really does an excellent job for our customers.  Eddie and his crew do just about anything regarding trees, for example: tree removal, trimming, stump grinding,cabling, 24 hr. storm damage, etc.  We offer free estimates, senior discounts, and prompt customer service.  Also, our $2,000.000 liability policy protects our customers against any accidents that might occur.  All work is promptly completed and all debris is cleaned up and hauled away.  Eddie and crew do an excellent job! 
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Eddie and Kay Walker
Owners of Walker's Tree Service

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Walker’s Tree Service offers a variety of tree services so that you only have to contact one company for all your tree care needs. Contact Walker’s Tree Service for quick, reliable, and dependable tree trimming services. We have been servicing the Los Angeles area for over 50 years and have built relationships with customers who return time after time for our tree services.

Eddie Walker

Our testimonials

ONCE AGAIN you (And your crew!) have worked your magic on our liquid amber trees!  We’ve experienced low-budget tree-hacks in years gone by, so when someone referred you to me several years ago I was delighted!  I appreciate the professionalism you always bring, from having ‘the eye’ for proportion & balance, to final cleanup.  Just as people give a first impression, I believe our facility does too.  When our clients & vendors visit, I believe their impression of our landscaping and overall appearance transfers to their expectations as to how we do business.   Walker Tree Service sets the proverbial ‘stage’ magnificently!
Thanks again Eddie, I look forward to our next tree service!

 - Steve Allen (GM)
Printco Graphics Inc.

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